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Come away with Me

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Dear Autumn my Love!

I called you the other day but Summer picked up the phone and told me you weren’t ready, ready for me and to have that conversation. She told me you feel pressured and things are getting too serious too fast. So I felt the need to remind you of the good old days and the long walks we had together.

Do you recall us sitting on that old bench in the park starring at the trees and nature. Counting the days and waiting for the green leaves to turn red and brown again. You said that’s your favourite time of the whole year because it keeps you so calm and you feel at ease with yourself. The comfort that it comes with makes you feel like every place is your home, every park becomes the most beautiful place to be and every tree so breathtaking and overwhelming in a sense that you ask yourself, how nature can be this beautiful and mesmerizing. You told me you loved warm clothes and blankets, sitting on your couch with your green tea and cinnamon and oh my days how often you said you loved my warm cuddles and the way I smile at you.

I can tell you’re  the happiest around that time. It’s like all our problems disappear and we observe our surroundings, sitting on that old bench, breathing in and out the nature, imagining ourselves sitting in an old car in couple years around the same time, driving to the woods  and I am still wearing the same Coat you gave me and holding the same creme blanket you got me when I was cold, we were watching our first movie together, the movie about “Autumn in New York”.

Do you remember how much we loved each other?

Dear Autumn, I love and missed you so much and they say Love takes time, so I will be here waiting for you to be ready.

AUTUMN is almost here, well in fact it is here and what better way to kick off Autumn than writing a love letter. I hope you all had an amazing Summer and were creative weirdos and continue to be in Fall.

Thank you HEREOS&HEROINES PR for my amazing Coat (Heroes&Heroines X Esprit)

Shop the Look by clicking on Esprit.

Photographed by my amazing friend MELINA WEGER also visit her on Instagram  MELOURRA to see her work.



“Materialistic things don’t impress me but your soul does”

Hello Beauty!

It’s weird how our generation has became. Everything is about who wore it better, who has better things, who has more money, who has more followers, who has more collaborations, who travels the most, who copies who and is authentic. Jealousy and comparing each other makes us forget why we started doing things in the first place, why I started this- We lose sense!

The truth is Social Media is what it is, and we can all see it in ways we want to see it. There are different kinds of creative weirdos out there but the only true ones are the ones that inspire you and should inspire you with them just being them, showing you that it’s okay to be YOU.
It’s okay to be WEIRD.
It’s okay to be BOLD, WILD and FREE.
It’s okay not to have a lot.
It’s okay not to have your SHIT together ( btw. since when did emotions become something we can’t and shouldn’t show?)

After all at the end of the day we all learn. We learn to be better and reach for the stars and work harder for our goals and not for a glamorous looking Instagram Feed.

Money is not going to make you happier but your creativity, passion and work ethic is BUT if you really wanted to wear something you saw on someone, you need to learn to know how to invest your money better.

Let’s start this Series of me showing you how you can get simple CASUAL CHIC outfits just by combining items that you probably have at home.

We can all be chic and look good and casual but elegant in our way without putting too much effort in it, without thinking too much about it.

Here is the first LOOK:

Over the past years I learnd that less is more and to be honest my style has always been like that and with a pop of color you can always make the outfit look cool, fun, exciting  and expensive if that is of course the look you are aiming for.

Simple Combination of : Blue Jeans/Blue Work Pants
 White T-Shirt, White Sneakers and a statement Jacket ( I am wearing a statement Blazer from H&M)


Blazer: H&M (click on it)

Pants: Zara

Shirt: Pull& Bear

Shoes : Superga (click on it)




I recently had so many thoughts and wanted to share this particular one which comes with a lot of changes for me with you.

Life is just how it is! Sometimes we fall harder than expected. We lose ourselves completely, run around in circles trying to find the missing pieces of the puzzle. Every day becomes painful and everyone keeps telling you, “There are people out there whose life is worse than yours”- I don’t think that is ever the right thing to say to someone in pain or at times like that.

But what makes the whole situation even worse is coming home to a home that hasn’t been a home for a while now. A home that hasn’t felt like your home in a long time and yet you’re stuck with it and can’t find peace. Is it just me or does anyone else feel this way sometimes?

Sometimes we are so trapped in our own miserable thoughts and self-pity that we forget that the most important and encouraging thing about falling is knowing that it is “alright” to fall and breakdown as long as you know who to get up again and be the best version of yourself again and live life to the fullest, embracing all its beauty and also the bad times.

We learn and with all that learning we make our own lives easier and easier every day.

So I left my old home for now and made a new place my second  home, where I can always escape my first home whenever I want to, whenever I feel like it because life is about being sponteanous and yet still learn to make decisions and know what’s good for you and what is not. And I know one day we will give up one of the homes where we feel less at home.







Welcome back guys, I missed you!


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Dear Mother Earth|Mothers Day

Chère Maman,

you are the real mother earth to me. I can’t believe that you had to put with all my opinions, screaming and sometimes disrespect as a teenager and yet you still held me when my tears wouldn’t dry on their own, carried me throw all the pain, heartbreak and health issues. Carried me to hospitals and kept telling me it’s going to be alright even though I had already given up. Continue Reading

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Through The Eyes Of Anorexia |Part 1

I didn’t know what was going on. Didn’t understand what was going on- in fact, I didn’t want too.
I couldn’t feel myself. Numb. Couldn’t see myself. I missed all the signs, they missed all the signs. By the end of the day, no one could read between the lines. No one did know how to ask the “How?”  “Why?” and “What is happening?”. Continue Reading


Baby it’s cold outside! Faux-Fur Look

Dear winter, you’re no longer my Lover. I’ve had it with you and I think it’s time for you to leave.

HELLO, sweet thing, I just had to start the post on an annoying note, but seriously I’ve had enough with this cold weird weather. I think especially if you are a person like me, who constantly gets sick, this weather is the worst. I usually try not to complain about the weather since there are simply just way more important topics out there in the world. Continue Reading

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Dear Valentine

My dearest Valentine,

here we are again, staring at each other. Eye to eye, mouth to mouth. You breathe in and I breathe out.

How can one be so calm and peaceful? Peace, I’ve never felt this amount before. It feels weird, simple
and yet so confusing and to good to be true.

Is this real? Is this how you’re supposed to feel? How? They say only one can make you feel this way.Really?

Well, here we are again as I lay down next to you and hold your hands.
Smiling at you as you close your eyes. I love to watch you sleep. This peaceful sound, almost like watching
a child sleep.
I try to picture your dreams, just so I can picture myself in them.
Have I ever told you, that I like to watch you sleep and every time you open your eyes, I pretend to be
asleep? But in the probably most pathetic way, it makes me feel safe and home.

I’ve made some bad choices but I like to think you’re not one of them.

How do you do it? How do you care so much?How do you love so much? So deeply.
Do you love ME so much? Do you love me as deep as I do?
Am I crazy to ask that? Crazy to say it out loud in public? Am I crazy about you?

I am crazy, in fact, mad about you.

Love, Mavula

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

It doesn’t really matter whether you stay at home and celebrate by yourself with Netflix and food or with someone you care about. In the end, it’s a beautiful day like every other day- I just so happen to have a range of love stories and love songs that I wrote, maybe this little piece will help you say and ask things easier than before.



Easy Romantic Valentine’s Day Makeup

My sweet Valentine, my dear Bachelor Mr. X, 

the world marks today’s day, the 14th of February (tomorrow), as the day where we celebrate our Love.
Isn’t it ironic and a funny thing to be reminded of? Love! Well, I hope I am your true Valentine that gets
to get your Rose at every Rose Ceremony.

My sweet Valentine since this is already a good way to celebrate 
something, I am dressing up for you today, put on a seductive lipstick and I’ll even put on my nice dress and show you that if only I had this much time every day I would do it over and over again, day by day, but since my love for lazy comfy clothes is a real thing, I can not for the life of me pull this off every day.

P.s.: Today is your lucky day!

Love Mavula  

Hello my sweet VALENTINE!

Everyone reading this is a special flower to me and that’s exactly how you should feel every day, it doesn’t really matter if you’re single or taken. Valentine’s Day is simply a day of Love and in my opinion, it can be everything, really. Your love for your Family, Partner, Friends, Netflix Shows, your shoe obsession, your Love to your clothes, your dog, and even your Love with food.
So go ahead and spend time with that person or that thing because by the end of the day you will realize, it’s just another joyful or tearing day, depends on the situation you’re in, like every other day.  So, girlfriend, you do you.

Over the past few months I got sent a lot of products and also discovered some of them on my own and you know me, almost every product is worth trying as long as it doesn’t kill my Credit Card.

I created a simple Valentine’s day Makeup Look with a lot of products that I’ve just discoverd over the past few months and weeks.

WATCH the tutorial here:

New products:

To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy using this. ( a lot of fall outs, a weird mixture of powdery and creamy)

Tom Ford “traceless perfecting” foundation 

Bobbi Brown concealer ( read old blogpost)

Estée Lauder “Set and Refresh”

Kiehl’s “Ultra facial oil-free Toner”

Sleek “Storm” palette






BOBBI BROWN ” Creamy Concealer Kit”

“More is more and less is a bore.” —Iris Apfel

No one said that you need Make-Up such as your foundation and concealer to feel beautiful or to look beautiful but you choose to wear it because it makes you feel comfortable and happy and you simply enjoy it right?

I wear my make-up whenever I feel like it, whenever I feel like expressing myself or just like that, I believe in the “magical” no make-up and bare face, also naked as we like to say: “I feel so naked without it.” However, I also believe in the power of a good concealer that makes your face look its natural self, do I need to explain more? Continue Reading

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H E L L O my love, so great to see you smiling today (hopefully you really are smiling right now).
I put together a simple but elegant autumn look, you can wear for dinner or just a more appropriate nice event during this cold cold fall nights.

But you probably know me by know, I am bored of reading one outfit post after another so I combined this look with a more deep, emotional and meaningful short “story” I wrote couple weeks ago.
Enjoy the pictures of my outfit but most importantly don’t just look at the pictures and read my words fast. Try to think about it. About what I am saying. About my thoughts and as always read between the lines and lets pretend I am reading this to you.

My turtleneck is from Zara ( boots and earrings as well) and my long skirt is from Forever21 (last fall).

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How did we get here? The ifs, the whys, the dos, the don’ts, the when, the hows, the all. The how come, the what if? Is it important at all? Does it matter at all? Where? Where do we go from here? Is all that we want, fallow the tracks , the routines, the known, the rhythm, the water, the sea, the song.? The ticking of the clocks and running people?

Bodies and bodies far from each other like strangers. Are you a stranger? Aren’t you supposed to be my lover, my heart, the music that I am supposed to hear when times are rough? Are we strangers?
Where? Where do we go from here? Where do I go from here? My mind is wandered off.
I run, I fall, I lie, I die, I crawl, I smile and I fall again-back on my feet again. Would you? Would you fall with me? Would you catch me if I fall, jump when I jump, cry when I cry, die when I die, lie when I lie, crawl when I crawl!? Would you? Would you go all the way to the mountain just so I can see the city one last time before I go?! Would you? Would you  caress me, just so I can feel safe. Would you? Would you sing at the top of your lungs with me? Out on the streets so we can make a fool of ourselves.

Do you mind? Or will you undress yourself, get naked with me so we can feel free? So I can see you! Do you mind? Or would you?
Would you change your skin color once, just so you can feel how I used to feel as a kid, when they were calling me names!? Would you? Would you sit with me and sing the song I wrote for you?

Would you smile with me as time passes us by? Would you?

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I was inspired and wrote this down as usual, so what I want from you is to read it and take out that piece of information, mindset, thought that you need and read between the lines as I am reading word for word out loud with you.