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H E L L O my love, so great to see you smiling today (hopefully you really are smiling right now).
I put together a simple but elegant autumn look, you can wear for dinner or just a more appropriate nice event during this cold cold fall nights.

But you probably know me by know, I am bored of reading one outfit post after another so I combined this look with a more deep, emotional and meaningful short “story” I wrote couple weeks ago.
Enjoy the pictures of my outfit but most importantly don’t just look at the pictures and read my words fast. Try to think about it. About what I am saying. About my thoughts and as always read between the lines and lets pretend I am reading this to you.

My turtleneck is from Zara ( boots and earrings as well) and my long skirt is from Forever21 (last fall).

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How did we get here? The ifs, the whys, the dos, the don’ts, the when, the hows, the all. The how come, the what if? Is it important at all? Does it matter at all? Where? Where do we go from here? Is all that we want, fallow the tracks , the routines, the known, the rhythm, the water, the sea, the song.? The ticking of the clocks and running people?

Bodies and bodies far from each other like strangers. Are you a stranger? Aren’t you supposed to be my lover, my heart, the music that I am supposed to hear when times are rough? Are we strangers?
Where? Where do we go from here? Where do I go from here? My mind is wandered off.
I run, I fall, I lie, I die, I crawl, I smile and I fall again-back on my feet again. Would you? Would you fall with me? Would you catch me if I fall, jump when I jump, cry when I cry, die when I die, lie when I lie, crawl when I crawl!? Would you? Would you go all the way to the mountain just so I can see the city one last time before I go?! Would you? Would you  caress me, just so I can feel safe. Would you? Would you sing at the top of your lungs with me? Out on the streets so we can make a fool of ourselves.

Do you mind? Or will you undress yourself, get naked with me so we can feel free? So I can see you! Do you mind? Or would you?
Would you change your skin color once, just so you can feel how I used to feel as a kid, when they were calling me names!? Would you? Would you sit with me and sing the song I wrote for you?

Would you smile with me as time passes us by? Would you?

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I was inspired and wrote this down as usual, so what I want from you is to read it and take out that piece of information, mindset, thought that you need and read between the lines as I am reading word for word out loud with you.

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