BOBBI BROWN ” Creamy Concealer Kit”

“More is more and less is a bore.” —Iris Apfel

No one said that you need Make-Up such as your foundation and concealer to feel beautiful or to look beautiful but you choose to wear it because it makes you feel comfortable and happy and you simply enjoy it right?

I wear my make-up whenever I feel like it, whenever I feel like expressing myself or just like that, I believe in the “magical” no make-up and bare face, also naked as we like to say: “I feel so naked without it.” However, I also believe in the power of a good concealer that makes your face look its natural self, do I need to explain more?

Anyway, H E L L O my beautiful friends, you beautiful girl and boy reading this, yes you. You probably saw my intro and asked yourself where I was going with this, so I am going to go right into it and present to you a product that I’ve been obsessed with for the past week or so.

As I always say, if I were about to give out an Oscar this product for sure would win the nomination. Am I trying to sell this product to you? What I am doing is showing you what works for me in the hopes that it’ll work for you too, see what I did there? It’s a simple “win win” situation.

You have no idea how long I have been looking for a concealer that covers my night shift (late night writing sessions) and just the lack of sleep and at the same time one that I can wear on its own without using any foundation, BB-Cream, CC-Cream whatsoever. Just that one simple product on spots and especially on my dark circles ( it’s actually just meant for that) with the powder and done. It probably takes me 2 Minutes to do so.

I know it’s more on the pricier side but it’s worth it. I guess  I just learned over the past few years and months that instead of using different cheap concealers, noone has ever heard about and use my face as an experiment or project to test it on, it’s probably for the best to invest in a good one that is guaranteed to work. But what is guaranteed these days? It is only until you try the product on your own and observe for a couple of days or weeks, depends on how fast you can tell the difference.

Another thing to mention is that it’s not always easy for a dark skin person living in Europe to find the right shades when buying Make-up. Some brands do have a huge range of colours but somehow I feel like we just don’t sell all of these colours here. Please correct me if I am wrong.

BOBBI BROWN and MAC COSMETICS are probably the few brands that do it right, no matter where and what you are, yellow, white, pink, brown, dark,chocolate whatever your skin type is, you’ll probably always find the right base for your face.

Since the Mac Concealer doesn’t always work for me ( too heavy on the skin) and the Urban Decay “Naked” concealer is usually to bright with an orange touch, I decided to try the BOBBI BROWN ‘Creamy Concealer Kit’ in the shade ‘Chestnut’  (retails: €37,-) and comes with the perfect matching powder to set the product. 

It’s creamy and yet so soft and so natural. I just adore the fact that it makes me look so fresh and awake and hides my dark circles within seconds.

How I apply it:

I don’t really like using my fingers when applying products to my face, but if I have to, I just put a little bit on my finger and cover both sides under my eyes and around the corner of my eyes, around the corner of my nose and everywhere I feel like I want to cover (dark spots, spots in general). I have to say it’s brilliant and I am learning ways how to apply it without foundation, just on its own .

Besides my Eye Make-Up I only used the concealer for this look  with a powder on top and contour. You can tell it has a high coverage and yet it doesn’t feel too heavy on my face. You can even tell that I actually have freckles on my nose, if I applied a foundation and the concealer you probably wouldn’t even see them, so you can tell I am really loving this product.

Buy: Bobbi Brown “Creamy Concealer Kit” 

“Personalized beauty is about each woman being able to create her own makeup routine that complements her coloring and style.”- Bobbi Brown



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