Easy Romantic Valentine’s Day Makeup

My sweet Valentine, my dear Bachelor Mr. X, 

the world marks today’s day, the 14th of February (tomorrow), as the day where we celebrate our Love.
Isn’t it ironic and a funny thing to be reminded of? Love! Well, I hope I am your true Valentine that gets
to get your Rose at every Rose Ceremony.

My sweet Valentine since this is already a good way to celebrate 
something, I am dressing up for you today, put on a seductive lipstick and I’ll even put on my nice dress and show you that if only I had this much time every day I would do it over and over again, day by day, but since my love for lazy comfy clothes is a real thing, I can not for the life of me pull this off every day.

P.s.: Today is your lucky day!

Love Mavula  

Hello my sweet VALENTINE!

Everyone reading this is a special flower to me and that’s exactly how you should feel every day, it doesn’t really matter if you’re single or taken. Valentine’s Day is simply a day of Love and in my opinion, it can be everything, really. Your love for your Family, Partner, Friends, Netflix Shows, your shoe obsession, your Love to your clothes, your dog, and even your Love with food.
So go ahead and spend time with that person or that thing because by the end of the day you will realize, it’s just another joyful or tearing day, depends on the situation you’re in, like every other day.  So, girlfriend, you do you.

Over the past few months I got sent a lot of products and also discovered some of them on my own and you know me, almost every product is worth trying as long as it doesn’t kill my Credit Card.

I created a simple Valentine’s day Makeup Look with a lot of products that I’ve just discoverd over the past few months and weeks.

WATCH the tutorial here:

New products:

To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy using this. ( a lot of fall outs, a weird mixture of powdery and creamy)

Tom Ford “traceless perfecting” foundation 

Bobbi Brown concealer ( read old blogpost)

Estée Lauder “Set and Refresh”

Kiehl’s “Ultra facial oil-free Toner”

Sleek “Storm” palette





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