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Dear Valentine

My dearest Valentine,

here we are again, staring at each other. Eye to eye, mouth to mouth. You breathe in and I breathe out.

How can one be so calm and peaceful? Peace, I’ve never felt this amount before. It feels weird, simple
and yet so confusing and to good to be true.

Is this real? Is this how you’re supposed to feel? How? They say only one can make you feel this way.Really?

Well, here we are again as I lay down next to you and hold your hands.
Smiling at you as you close your eyes. I love to watch you sleep. This peaceful sound, almost like watching
a child sleep.
I try to picture your dreams, just so I can picture myself in them.
Have I ever told you, that I like to watch you sleep and every time you open your eyes, I pretend to be
asleep? But in the probably most pathetic way, it makes me feel safe and home.

I’ve made some bad choices but I like to think you’re not one of them.

How do you do it? How do you care so much?How do you love so much? So deeply.
Do you love ME so much? Do you love me as deep as I do?
Am I crazy to ask that? Crazy to say it out loud in public? Am I crazy about you?

I am crazy, in fact, mad about you.

Love, Mavula

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

It doesn’t really matter whether you stay at home and celebrate by yourself with Netflix and food or with someone you care about. In the end, it’s a beautiful day like every other day- I just so happen to have a range of love stories and love songs that I wrote, maybe this little piece will help you say and ask things easier than before.


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