Baby it’s cold outside! Faux-Fur Look

Dear winter, you’re no longer my Lover. I’ve had it with you and I think it’s time for you to leave.

HELLO, sweet thing, I just had to start the post on an annoying note, but seriously I’ve had enough with this cold weird weather. I think especially if you are a person like me, who constantly gets sick, this weather is the worst. I usually try not to complain about the weather since there are simply just way more important topics out there in the world.

As annoying and sickening this weather is becoming (almost like the political situations at the moment) you just
have to make the best out of it. Winter, especially this winter simply means layers and layers and layers of clothes to keep me
as warm as possible.

I personally love all kinds of sweatshirts, knitwear, warm shoes and big jackets. This year I stepped it up a little bit.
Now let me tell you, you wouldn’t believe how much a fur jacket  (FAUX!!!!) can change it all for you, it just makes a huge difference when it comes to how warm I want to be underneath my jacket or just on top of hundreds and hundreds of layers.

I know there are a lot of mixed opinions about them but I am a huge fan and as long as they are NOT REAL it’s okay to wear them in my opinion. As you know, as a vegan I am not about real fur and will never be.

Here are some cool ones:

H&M : faux fur 

MISSGUIDED : pressed faux fur coat brown

MISSGUIDED:  Pink Curly Faux Fur Gilet 

Thank God Spring is coming in a couple weeks!



Pictures are all as almost always by my talented Friend Nina Kowalska Vel Kowalczyk .

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