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Dear Mother Earth|Mothers Day

Chère Maman,

you are the real mother earth to me. I can’t believe that you had to put with all my opinions, screaming and sometimes disrespect as a teenager and yet you still held me when my tears wouldn’t dry on their own, carried me throw all the pain, heartbreak and health issues. Carried me to hospitals and kept telling me it’s going to be alright even though I had already given up.

You love me even more at times I hate myself, at times I can’t stand the idea of me, you call me just to let me know that you were thinking of me. Don’t you ever get bored thinking about one person the whole day? How do you do it? Don’t you ever get fed up with the idea of me?
How can you always love me so much every day?

The bound we have no matter how far we are apart, can’t be broken. You carried me for so many months and I felt your heartbeat in its whole nature and we became bestfriends. You know what? I still feel like you are carrying me every day after all these years. I know we are not married but I know in so many ways we are ONE!

My heart is YOURS. My smiles are YOURS. My passion is YOURS. My creativity. My Love. My voice. You are the original version of me and my biggest Love and Inspiration. I am your daughter until death tears us apart.

Your unconditional Love and protection.

Dear Mother Earth how do you do it? I asked you how it’s like to be to be a mother and you told me the way I took care of my siblings when you weren’t home, the love and support I gave them, was a small insight and I should imagine carrying my own.

Only by your smile, I can tell how happy my relationship makes you. Remember that time when he was standing next to me and you whispered to me:

” You are going to be the best mother and wife in a few years.”

I love how you always think ahead of me and how you always warn me when things aren’t looking bright.
I learn! I learn so much from you every day.

I guess it’s fair to say, you’re my true hero.

Chère Maman, no matter how much I might not always agree with you or how much I said I hated you as a teenager, by the end of the day, I will always love you more than I could ever love another woman and man and no one could ever take away the warmth I have in my heart, the warmth and love for you.

Donc chère Maman, je t’aime.

Happy Mother’s day!


Hi everyone,

since it’s mothers day I wrote a letter to all the mothers and fathers you had to raise their children out there. The love they give you no matter what and how, you can never compare it to another Love, keep that in mind.

Make sure to get your mother something not only this weekend but every now and then, just to show them they’re worth everything.

Head over to “Jardin de Fleurs” get grab your mother flowers she can have for years and years. Or visit them this weekend at STEFFL Vienna and grab one and get it signed.

So much love, Mavula


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