“Materialistic things don’t impress me but your soul does”

Hello Beauty!

It’s weird how our generation has became. Everything is about who wore it better, who has better things, who has more money, who has more followers, who has more collaborations, who travels the most, who copies who and is authentic. Jealousy and comparing each other makes us forget why we started doing things in the first place, why I started this- We lose sense!

The truth is Social Media is what it is, and we can all see it in ways we want to see it. There are different kinds of creative weirdos out there but the only true ones are the ones that inspire you and should inspire you with them just being them, showing you that it’s okay to be YOU.
It’s okay to be WEIRD.
It’s okay to be BOLD, WILD and FREE.
It’s okay not to have a lot.
It’s okay not to have your SHIT together ( btw. since when did emotions become something we can’t and shouldn’t show?)

After all at the end of the day we all learn. We learn to be better and reach for the stars and work harder for our goals and not for a glamorous looking Instagram Feed.

Money is not going to make you happier but your creativity, passion and work ethic is BUT if you really wanted to wear something you saw on someone, you need to learn to know how to invest your money better.

Let’s start this Series of me showing you how you can get simple CASUAL CHIC outfits just by combining items that you probably have at home.

We can all be chic and look good and casual but elegant in our way without putting too much effort in it, without thinking too much about it.

Here is the first LOOK:

Over the past years I learnd that less is more and to be honest my style has always been like that and with a pop of color you can always make the outfit look cool, fun, exciting  and expensive if that is of course the look you are aiming for.

Simple Combination of : Blue Jeans/Blue Work Pants
 White T-Shirt, White Sneakers and a statement Jacket ( I am wearing a statement Blazer from H&M)


Blazer: H&M (click on it)

Pants: Zara

Shirt: Pull& Bear

Shoes : Superga (click on it)

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    July 28, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    Great read, and absolutely True I personally have taken a break to do fashion blog posts since I realised mostly you have to keep up “with the Trend” which may require you to buy things you want and not really need. My thinking switched after being around very successful entrepreneurs and reading/watching videos on the same. Now I prefer to invest my Money in Education/Businesses things which will bring me more money or more knowledge.

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