Dear Autumn my Love!

I called you the other day but Summer picked up the phone and told me you weren’t ready, ready for me and to have that conversation. She told me you feel pressured and things are getting too serious too fast. So I felt the need to remind you of the good old days and the long walks we had together.

Do you recall us sitting on that old bench in the park starring at the trees and nature. Counting the days and waiting for the green leaves to turn red and brown again. You said that’s your favourite time of the whole year because it keeps you so calm and you feel at ease with yourself. The comfort that it comes with makes you feel like every place is your home, every park becomes the most beautiful place to be and every tree so breathtaking and overwhelming in a sense that you ask yourself, how nature can be this beautiful and mesmerizing. You told me you loved warm clothes and blankets, sitting on your couch with your green tea and cinnamon and oh my days how often you said you loved my warm cuddles and the way I smile at you.

I can tell you’re  the happiest around that time. It’s like all our problems disappear and we observe our surroundings, sitting on that old bench, breathing in and out the nature, imagining ourselves sitting in an old car in couple years around the same time, driving to the woods  and I am still wearing the same Coat you gave me and holding the same creme blanket you got me when I was cold, we were watching our first movie together, the movie about “Autumn in New York”.

Do you remember how much we loved each other?

Dear Autumn, I love and missed you so much and they say Love takes time, so I will be here waiting for you to be ready.

AUTUMN is almost here, well in fact it is here and what better way to kick off Autumn than writing a love letter. I hope you all had an amazing Summer and were creative weirdos and continue to be in Fall.

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Photographed by my amazing friend MELINA WEGER also visit her on Instagram  MELOURRA to see her work.

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