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I thought I could never do it, thought I can never make it through this year. Felt so weird about myself and literally fell down and got up again because that’s the point in life-finding JOY in the smallest things and getting up and continuing-isn’t that all that we all should be doing? This year was quite challenging for me, both physically and emotionally. BUT I’ve been learning and dealing with this for so many years now. Mental illness or struggle is a topic no one likes to talk about because it’s easier to hide and pretend it’s not there- Physical stress and weakness can consume you and change all your perspectives in life. I had so much help from people that helped me get through it or learn to deal. It’s a learning process and takes time, but every year gets easier, I can promise you that for sure. Some people brought me so much JOY and a sort of CALMNESS I didn’t even know I’d experience this year.

So I decided to do my very first ADVENT CALENDAR because even if it’s just a little thing, I know it would bring someone joy, since I can’t meet you all and thank you for your heart and soul, I wanted to do this just so I can give you guys something back.

With the help of some Companies such as Tragwerk, Glossybox, Network PR and so much more and my own heart and soul picking and getting things I hope you’d like, I was able to make this possible!



I am not a huge fan of Giveaways were people are fighting for the price so I decided, I am only doing it on my INSTASTORY ( JULIAMAVULA , had me on Instagram) since I also can’t post a picture of a giveaway 24 days long, it’s just boring and I don’t think that’s what makes me, I like to see myself as “different” and that’s okay.



✰ to watch my Stories
✰ Click “I want it” or “I don’t”; and you entered just like that
✰ for a better chance to win the price you can (don’t have to) send me a DM



✰ will be posted/announced every day at 9 am or just in the morning

✰ you have the whole day to enter; the winner will be announced at around 21:00 o’clock and 22:00 o’clock

✰ If you win or just want to let your friends know to enter use ( #MAVMAS)



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